5 Reasons to Choose & stick With a WordPress Theme Framework

  1. Reason #1: You become an EXPERT in the Theme2:10
    • David and Tim are both experts in Divi which allows them to speed up their workflow.
    • Having to re-learn a new theme on every project is extremely time consuming
  2. Reason #2: You can grow a Library of Layouts/Templates that can be re-used on new projects 3:50
    • Most PageBuilder frameworks have ways of exporting layouts/templates to be used on other sites.
    • Things like contact pages or about pages aren’t really industry specific (there’s only so many ways to layout a contact page). You can save time by re-using work by simply re-skinning to match the styling of the new site.
  3. Reason #3: People will find you & hire you because you’re an expert of the theme framework 4:55
    • David & Tim get contacted all the time because they’re well known experts of the Divi theme.
    • When DIYers find a theme they like they often try to do it themselves. But realize they still need a professional to create something custom.
  4. Reason # 4: You can network with other users/professionals that are using the same theme framework 5:45
    • Sharing advice with people is invaluable, and can help save you tons of time.
    • Most major theme frameworks have dedicated Facebook Groups
    • You never know what type of partnerships can spark from networking like this. David found his business partner Cory from the Divi Facebook Groups, and David & Tim met there as well.
  5. Reason #5: Save Money 6:50
    • Choosing a new theme for every projects get’s expensive!

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