4 Strategies for Growing Your Business

  1. Content marketing 01:27
    • Another name for this is “inbound marketing” because you are bringing customers into your company through really great content.
    • This is a long-term strategy for growing your business. Don’t expect to see huge benefits right away, but over time this strategy will really pay off.
    • It also establishes you as an authority in the web development game.
  2. Social media marketing 03:44
    • Everybody and their grandma is on Facebook now.
    • A lot of times, social media posts and pages will even outrank your own website because these sites have so much search authority.
    • Any time you have a link from a high ranking website, it benefits your website.
  3. Paid advertising 04:58
    • This is a long-term and short-term strategy for growing your business. Depending on your ad strategy, paid ads can start paying off immediately.
    • Even though you are paying for it, it can benefit you for a long time and pay for itself.
  4. Acquisition 06:23
    • Over the past few years, David has grown his company significantly through acquisition.
    • Acquisition may seem like a scary idea that only large companies deal with, but it can be for smaller companies too. It doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.

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