Best FTP and Code Editing Tools

  1. Coda 01:33
    • This is Tim’s favorite tool and it is only available for Mac users.
    • Coda is a super sleek looking tool that integrates FTP and code editing all at once. It is the only tool on this list that offers both of these features in one.
    • It allows you to double click on a file and edit it directly on the server.
  2. Filezilla 02:49
    • This is a very popular free tool for FTP that has been around a long time.
    • It’s pretty straightforward to use. You can go into your cPanel, grab your FTP credentials, and plug straight into Filezilla.
    • Most of David’s developer’s like to work directly on FTP instead of going into the cPanel.
  3. Sublime Text 03:50
    • Sublime Text is a highly recommended text editor that is geared towards coders.
    • If you want to just write raw code or you want to grab CSS, HTML, or PHP and throw it into Sublime, it‘s going to make it really easy for you to read.
    • Another great feature is that it autosaves.

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