David Got Hacked, Here’s What Happened & How to Prevent It

  1. How you can protect yourself
  2. Hang up if you get any suspicious phone inquiries asking for your personal or account information and call your bank to confirm they are telling you the truth.09:00

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  1. Jules Webb

    David, thanks for sharing your experience and the insights you’ve gained by going through it. I’m glad that your spidy sense rose to the surface and you investigated your circumstance in real time. Though not fun, you were able to avert most of the damage.

  2. Cameron Jones

    That’s honestly terrifying. I can imagine a lot of people would fall for this. I’m glad it didn’t turn out as badly as it could have for you David

  3. Graeme

    My first listen of your podcast and I’ll certainly listen to some more. One comment I would add, having previously worked in the financial industry, is that if you hang up the fraudster may remain on the line. This was a known con in the UK where you would pick up the phone to call your bank but the fraudster has not hung up, is still on the line and will pretend to be your bank! It might be wise to use a different line than the one the fraudster called you on. This may just be an issue in the UK than North America though.

  4. Emilio Gagliardi

    Will you be releasing a transcript? Don’t always have time to listen through the entire audio to find the nuggets. Alternatively, could you release some time markers with some topics/highlights so it’s a little easier to scan through? Thanks for your consideration!

  5. Stacy Clements

    Thanks for sharing this! To combat these cyber criminals, we have to be aware of the methods they are using – scary when you do all the right things and still fall victim. I’m glad you were able to mitigate the damage (and hope you are able to work things out with Chase).


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