Steps for Creating Your First WordPress Website

  1. Step #1: define Your Purpose 01:30
    • Figure out who your target audience is
    • This will help you determine your business/website name
  2. Step #2: Buy Your Domain Name 01:55
    • We recommend Namecheap or GoDaddy
  3. Step #3: Choose Your Web Host 02:13
    • Our Managed Hosting Recommendation: WP Engine
    • Our Non-managed Hosting Recommendation: A2 Hosting
    • Hosting is extremely important. “You get what you pay for.” Cheap hosting can cost you much more in the long run.
  4. Step # 4: Install WordPress 03:43
    • WP Engine will install WordPress for you
  5. Step #5: Choose a Theme Framework 04:06
    • We highly recommend Divi: “It’s user-friendly enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for professionals.”
  6. Step #6: Choose a Premium Child Theme (Optional) 04:32
    • David & Tim both sell premium child themes for Divi: Divi.Space & Divi Life
    • Premium child themes are essentially a fully designed template that you can quickly customize for your needs. You can find a child theme for a restaurant website, a a later website, etc.
  7. Step #7: Install Key Plugins 05:08
    • Key Plugin Categories: Backups, Forms, Security, SEO, Caching.
    • If using WP Engine, they have backups, security, & caching built in.
  8. Step #8: Planning Our Your Site Content/Skeleton, Road Map, Site Map 05:50
    • You can use a scratch piece of paper, Google Doc, Mind Mapping Tool, etc.
    • Planning is key
  9. Step #9: Add Your Content 06:28
    • Site Copy, Images/Icons
    • Configure Theme Settings
  10. Step #10: Add Google Analytics, Search Console, Submit Site to Search Engine 07:05

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