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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:29 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:39  David Blackmon: Today in episode 682 i’m going to just throw this out there. I’m not going to talk much, it’s going to be a quick episode. We’re going to do a plug-in highlight, and we’re going to cover simple urls and this is a plug-in that we use that Tim uses, and Tim’s going to talk about it. So, go Tim.. 

00:58 Tim Strifler:  Yeah absolutely. And before i talk about simple urls i want to mention something about our plug-in highlights. We every you know once a week basically at the most, we like to do a plug in highlight, but we don’t want to just talk about plug-ins that people already know about. Right like we don’t need to talk about uh Gravity Forms, because everyone knows about it. And we’ve talked about it before we want to talk about those kind of smaller plugins, that maybe are small and function, but big in impact. And so that’s what the plugins we want to highlight. So Simple Urls is a really great plug-in for cloaking affiliate links or or doing things like that. It’s basically, it’s a link a very simple clean link tracking plug-in, and so i’ll tell you what i use it for on Divi life, and so then that way you can kind of it’ll paint the picture for you. What you can use it for, but basically i use it for a few things. If i’m doing a blog post i’m linking out to an affiliate site a lot of times i will i will uh put my affiliate link in a simple url and then and then and link to that in the article. And that’s for a couple reasons. One sometimes people get freaked out by long affiliate links, they’re gonna think they’re gonna pay more or whatever,  but also yeah also i want to know how many times that link is being clicked. Like is it worth it you know. And so it’ll tell me how many clicks, so that’s one way for affiliate links. But then i also use it internally so when customers are downloading um i have uh sample layouts for some of my plugins i want to know what layouts are most popular. And so because i’m not going through my ecommerce platform for this it’s just going um it’s just a simple download i don’t want to just link directly to the download, i go through a simple url. That way it’ll track and then i can see oh these are the popular layouts that people really like, And so that’s another way of doing it. So anytime you’re running maybe a marketing campaign and you want to see okay where where am i getting this traffic from, where are the links coming from, you just want a simple way of doing it, this plugin can be great. Because it’s going to track how many times it’s clicked and it’s super simple interface that’s it.

03:08 David Blackmon:  Awesome well there’s a reason why they call it Simple urls. Exactly it’s pretty simple but it’s very powerful. Especially you know if you’re a business owner, or a website owner and you want to manage your website, and find out you know get very important data and stuff. So um check it out it’s on the repository wordpress.org slash plugin simple urls we’re going to put the link in the description on the YouTube, and in the description on all of the podcast platforms depending on where you’re listening to. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, how to add two-factor authentication to your website Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then

03:44  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye


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