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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, I’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Streifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we have a plug-in highlight for you. I just love these tech topics because i really don’t do a whole lot of talking. But um maybe i don’t love them i’ll be honest. The plugin that we’re going to highlight today is Safe SVG. I will say this still a small bit of Tim’s thunder, so i can not you know not not talk the whole time, um you know. Natively WordPress doesn’t allow you to upload svgs and if you have an instance where you need something, Tim’s going to tell you a great plugin that gives you the ability to do that.

01:13 Tim Strifler: Yeah definitely. So just a reminder in case you haven’t listened to one of our plug-in highlights before. The goal with the WordPress plugin highlights is not to tell you about the super popular plugins that everybody knows about. The goal is to tell you about plugins that are a little bit lesser known that maybe are do a smaller function but impactful. And so Safe Svg definitely hits that criteria, because as David mentioned, WordPress does not natively allow you to upload SVG images into WordPress for security reasons. SVG can have malicious code embedded in it and stuff and so as a safety precaution you can’t do it and so safe SVG allows you to upload SVGs but it also has some scripting or something to make sure that there’s no malicious code. So it makes it a safe way to upload SVGs in case you don’t know what SVG is it stands for scalable vector graphic and it’s a type of image file that uses basically uses math to to show what the image is. Right so if you think of a normal png or jpeg it has you know pixels and stuff, SVG isn’t a typical image It’s usually meant for logos and graphics and stuff like that because it basically is using uh math to tell the browser the computer to display. In a certain way i’m not explaining that well at all but uh svgs make it so it’s crisp on every device so you’ve always seen websites usually older websites that have like a blurry logo you’ll never have a blurry logo with SVG, because it’s always going to be crisp. Because it will scale based off of how how big it needs to be and it’ll it’s so it’s very very compact and very very performant compared to other image formats. So that is Safe SVG highly recommended if you need to upload an SVG logo to your website uh which again we recommend because of the reasons i just talked about. 

0:27 David Blackmon: And i assume that’s in the repository they can find

03:30 Tim Strifler: Yes plugins.

03:32 David Blackmon: All right cool, we’ll leave the link in the description go check it out Safe SVG. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, how to stay focused when working from home. A lot more people’s doing that today, so until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

03:39  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye

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