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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:29 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:31  David Blackmon: Today we have got another great episode episode 678 of WP The Podcast, why you should add domain privacy. And before we dive off into this topic, Tim why don’t you tell them what domain privacy is?

00:50 Tim Strifler: So when you buy a domain from a domain registrar such as Godaddy or Namecheap or Cloudflare now sells domains. They basically you have to say who you are you have to have a contact name and then a address a phone number and stuff like that. And it’s just a way of knowing who owns this domain so if there’s any issues and stuff like that. They know who to contact and stuff, and so um… so you have to put that now basically. You have the ability to add domain privacy which will i’m going to let you explain what that does David and why it’s beneficial. Um i don’t want to talk the whole time on this..

01:26 David Blackmon:  All right cool yeah. This is kind of a short topic, so he wants to let me in on some of it so um you know Yeah why you would want to do that there’s a few reasons. I’ll let Tim talk about the spam reason and stuff but obviously when you’re purchasing a domain and you’re you know you’re putting your legitimate contact information on there. So if you do not add something like domain privacy it’s public so anyone can do a who is database search on any domain, and if there’s no domain privacy on there they’re going to get your phone number your address your name. All of some pretty important information that you may not want now the i want to say the no do-gooders, what’s the word i’m looking for the bad guys Tim. The bad guys I guess i’ll just call them bad guys. um you know they’re gonna sell your information they’ve got scripts and it’s not like they’re individually doing it these are smart people you know. They’re programmatically writing programs that sift the whois database to gather all that information and then they try to sell that information to third parties to spam you and stuff. And you know you also you may just want it private because you don’t want the world to know that you like own big sexy daddy.com you may not want your neighbor and your friends you know to find out. 

03:10 Tim Strifler: A not safe for work domain that David just came up with on the top of his head but don’t don’t put that in right now especially if you’re at work.

03:22 David Blackmon:  That’s right don’t do it on your work computer. So yeah it’s just you you want to privatize it and it’s it’s very inexpensive,  i mean it’s like nine bucks a year or something at Godaddy I think? Or ten dollars a year in the big scheme of things i’d rather pay ten bucks and not have my information out there you know. In the beginning early days we didn’t Tim i mean i my information was out there you know.. 

03:50  Tim Strifler:  Yeah yeah and you definitely will get calls as David mentioned. There’s bots that will uh harvest information from who is databases and stuff like that.  And then you’ll get spam calls selling you SEO services or something. This thing that but not in addition to the spam there’s full-on scams as well so they have a way of knowing when a domain is newly purchased without privacy and you’ll get an email that looks like it’s coming from who you just purchased the domain from or something like that. And it’ll say like “your domain isn’t fully registered yet you need to click here and do this”. And you think well clearly i just registered this new domain and this is just an additional step i need to do. And so you don’t think that this is a scam then all of a sudden now you’ve just given money you know, stolen your credit card whatever so that’s something to be aware of. As well it’s not just the spam people trying to sell you stuff right getting your information but also the scams as well so exactly.

04:53 David Blackmon:  Absolutely! So go out purchase domain privacy on every domain you buy. That’s just our recommendation it’s inexpensive domains are cheap 20 bucks a year plus another 10 for privacy. Peace of mind it’s going to work out a whole lot better for you. And to end we’ll end it with this what do they see whenever you do purchase it the registrar has a just a a blank you know,  generic um contact information. I don’t even remember what it says but none of your information shows up at all which is huge. So yeah go out and get it. Tomorrow we’ve got an another topic,  the best SEO website analyzer tools for WordPress man that’s a tongue twister Tim, best SEO website analyzer tools for WordPress.

05:46  Tim Strifler: Say that 10 times fast..

05:57 David Blackmon:  Tim, until tomorrow, we’ll see you then..

06:06  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye.


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