Where is the Best Place to Buy a Domain Name

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast brought to you by WP Gears I’m David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Striffler.

00:37 David Blackmon: Tim it is so good to be back we’re about a week into our WP The Podcast I know our topic is where’s the best place to buy a domain, but i just I’m glad we’re back and I just wanted to say that so.. yeah heck yeah..

00:48 Tim Strifler: I agree.

00:51 David Blackmon: All right why don’t you get us kicked off with today’s topic.

00:53 Tim Strifler: Yeah definitely. Now this is a question you might be asking especially if you’re on the newer side to WordPress and building websites and everything. And you know where’s the best place to buy a domain name, because there might be you know, you might be seeing ads or you know googling it, and seeing a bunch of different companies. And so it’s like you don’t know who to trust. And so we have, we’ve narrowed it down to two companies, that we know that we trust and that we both use purchase products, and specifically domains from. So we can uh recommend these choices with confidence. The first one here is Godaddy. Now Godaddy kind of has a bad reputation when it comes to hosting WordPress websites, they have improved things a lot over the years, and so we don’t necessarily recommend their hosting, but in terms of buying a domain name. That’s what Godaddy does that’s what they’ve done from the beginning that’s what they started out doing was selling domain names and they’ve slowly added more resources and services but domain names is what they do best and they do it very very well. And
so what i like about Godaddy is their internal platform for organizing your domains and everything which.  I personally have quite a few domains and David does too, and I have them all in Godaddy and they have really easy to use DNS tools. And so when you’re pointing your domain to your hosting company or you’re going to point it to Cloudflare first and then from their point to your hosting company it’s just really easy
really intuitive and really fast. Where some domain registrars when You change the where you’re pointing that domain the the name servers um or you add a new a record sometimes it’ll take up to 24 hours to what they call propagate. Godaddy on the other hand is very very fast  propagation and so it’s like it happens within minutes and so that’s a big deal and so that’s one of a lot of reasons that I choose Godaddy.

02:39 David Blackmon: Couldn’t agree more Tim. Next on our list the second one is Namecheap. Namecheap is a registrar company. That’s what they do, they don’t offer hosting or maybe they offer some website tools now but primarily Godaddy started as a Registrar Namecheap as a registrar so everything that you’re going to get from them is serving what we’re talking about. You know buying a domain name that’s what  Godaddy and Namecheap are they are registrars. I think one of the most important factors that Tim didn’t talk about about Godaddy that also applies to Namecheap and why we choose these two is not only are they registrars true registrars. That’s what they started as that’s what they still are but pricing you know they are some of the most cost effective pricing companies for for buying and renewing domains out there. You may be thinking of Register.com network solutions some of the one of the oldest companies out there. But those guys suck. I’m sorry to say it. They just suck! They’ll sell you a domain for 50 cents for the first year and then they want to charge you forty dollars for the “dot com” domain the next year for renewals, and most people don’t know they just automatically renew the forty dollars but guess what,  it only cost ten dollars to renew! That so Godaddy has you know, ten or eleven dollars somewhere and Namecheap is the same and they don’t try to screw you on that pricing you know. They keep it low they keep it consistent what it is across the board, so yeah they don’t bait and switch you, you know. They offer  special prices from time to time, but they’re they’re not a big bait and switch.  I feel like some of the other registrars out there are Network Solutions and Register.com I’m calling you out and throwing you under the bus because I was new and started out with those guys and
man it was a pain in the butt to move away from them!  It was a terrible experience every time a renewal would come up I would have to call them and say “why are you charging me 40 dollars? Every other registrar including your biggest competitors are charging 25?”. That so and they would give me the price they would say “oh we’ll match it no problem” and what they’re banking on is people not calling. Yeah people that aren’t going to spend the time or are knowledgeable and stuff. So go with Godaddy, Namecheap – those are our two recommended registrars when
buying a domain name. Tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, how to answer the do I need a website question from clients. Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then. 

05:24 Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye.


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