Should Your Web Design Business Specialize in a Niche

  1. Short answer: Yes. 01:36
    • David and Tim both agree that life could have been much easier if they had focused in an a specific niche when starting their companies.
    • For example, if you make a few websites for dentists, you are now an expert in this niche and can pitch other dentists based on your portfolio.
  2. Being an expert in a niche leads to more projects 02:11
    • If you are an expert in dentist websites, you’ll get more referrals from dentists. You know why? Because dentists hang out with other dentists!
    • When you specialize in a niche, you learn the ins and outs of that type of website. A dentist website would be very different from a plumbing website or a landscaping website.
  3. However… you need to pay the bills. 03:04
    • In the beginning of your web design business, you don’t want to turn down potential projects just because they don’t fit your niche. You do still have to pay the bills.
    • One way to start building up your niche while taking on other clients would be to create a separate website for your niche. You can still feature all of your work on your portfolio, but this will start establishing you as an expert.

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