The Top Page Builders in 2022


  1. Divi 00:58
  2. Elementor 02:13
  3. Beaver Builder  02:30
  4. Oxygen 03:34

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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about one of Tim and i’s favorite topics, page builders. And we’re going to tell you what we think the top page builders are in 2022. Without further ado number one on our list…. drumroll…. is Gutenberg! No i’m just getting with you, it’s actually believe it or not Divi. You know Divi has been king supreme page builder gosh almost a decade now. Tim it’s been it’s been around since 2013, we are nine years in and it’s still one of the top page builders in the world. There’s a ton of users and stuff and the market share doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

01:27 Tim Strifler: Yeah and uh i mean we’ve done episodes talking about all the things that we love about Divi but um to me the reason why i love Divi is the how well-designed everything is. Right from the features to the UI, um everything just makes sense from a user experience standpoint it’s very well designed compared to some of the other builders, that to me are just a little all over the place. And don’t seem to make sense at least for me but, one thing we do want to say is all these builders are great and it’s just going to kind of come down to preference it’s like mac versus pc. Yeah some people love mac some people love pc and it really comes down to personal preference they’re both great same thing with these page builders.

02:10 David Blackmon: Absolutely, what’s number two Tim?

02:13 Tim Strifler: Number two is Elementor, which i believe from a page builder standpoint because they have a free version. Elementor is the most popular they have the most users, but their premium version is rather expensive compared to Divi. Divi is a lot less expensive um when it comes to uh purchasing their product and Divi doesn’t have a free version. Also Elementor does not have a lifetime license as does the the other ones on our list. Divi is the only one with a lifetime license so that’s definitely something worth taking into account.

02:40 David Blackmon: Absolutely! Number three on our list is Beaver Builder. These guys have been around for a long time they’re one of the original page builders as is Divi. They’ve got a great platform uh as Tim said it just depends on preference. They’ve got a really strong community as does Divi, Elementor so you’re not really going to go wrong with any one of these top three that we mentioned it’s just going to come down to preference for you.

03:15 Tim Strifler: Yeah and Beaver Builder is great i have used it and i do like it. I think Beaver Builder they don’t have nearly as many features as Divi or Elementor, but it’s kind of on purpose they’re kind of slowly slow to add features and you know they have their their their market. And you know, they’re more interested in having a super solid core product and rolling out features slowly opposed to just pumping them out. So that’s kind of their their uh their strategy. Now the next one on the list is Oxygen. Oxygen is newer than the three above it but Oxygen over the last couple years has gained a lot of momentum and their market is more kind of higher in developers more experienced users. It’s not really an entry-level page builder. However the company behind Oxygen has got a lot of attention in the WordPress space and was kind of a big controversy. But they just announced within the last few months that they have a new builder that’s in beta, that’s an entry-level page builder. Right it’s called something totally different, it’s built totally different, totally different than Oxygen. But it is by the same team and so a lot of those hardcore Oxygen users have kind of jumped ship and i’m in the auction facebook group and other facebook groups where people have been talking about it, and overall Oxygen users are not happy because they see it as them shifting their attention from their core audience to try to go after the mainstream, you know audience of users out there. And they think that that means they’re abandoning Oxygen, and that they’re not going to have features or support Oxygen. Of course saying no it’s not going to affect anything but people are still kind of pissed about it. So um i don’t know one way or another i don’t use auction i’m not going to use a new builder i’m a hardcore Divi guy myself as is David, but it is something uh interesting that happened in the WordPress space.

05:06 David Blackmon: Yeah all right, there you go our top four choices for page builders in 2022. Tomorrow in episode 819 we’re going to talk about whether or not meta descriptions are important for SEO. Until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

05:24 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.



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