Should I List My Phone Number On My Website?

  1. Not if you don’t want sales calls 02:06
    • If you don’t want calls from random people trying to sell you crap, don’t put it on your website. You will get these calls.
  2. If you do, use a Google Voice number 02:30
    • You can get a local number and have it forward to your phone.
    • You can also set it so that it only forwards to your phone at certain times, such as your business hours.
    • Google Voice has other great features like forwarding, transcribing voicemails, and more.
  3. Remember calls can be disruptive 04:34
    • If you put a phone number on your site, you could get a call at any time. This can be disruptive to your productive working hours.
    • If you have leads come through email instead, you’ll be able to control the sales process.

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