Our Free Blogging Guideline Template and Why You Should Use It

  1. Image optimization 02:14
    • The first task we recommend in our free blogging guideline template is to optimize all of your images.
    • Images can take up a ton of space on your website!
    • David makes all the images on his website 1200 px wide. This translates well to Facebook and email campaigns. That way he doesn’t have to make a bunch of images.
  2. Make sure comments are turned on 03:14
    • Before you publish the post, make sure comments are turned on specifically for that post.
  3. Make sure your links work correctly 03:46
    • Double check and triple check all of your links!
    • You don’t want broken links, especially for affiliate products!
  4. Make sure your posts are at least 500 – 1,000 words 04:34
    • 1,000 + is definitely the sweet spot for search engines.
    • You want your content to be in depth, but not unnecessarily long.
  5. Put no more than 3 sentences per paragraph 05:25
    • If you notice paragraphs on the bigger blogs, the content is more broken up.
    • It’s easier for the reader to digest the information.
  6. Make sure your content is in depth and valuable, not promotional 06:45
    • If you produce valuable content, in your niche, then people will stay on your website because they are learning from you.
  7. All content needs to be 100% original 07:22
    • Search engines can tell if content has been taken from other places, so be sure to write all original content.
    • If the content has been featured somewhere else, change it up and write from a different perspective. Put some kind of new twist on it to make it different.
  8. Get yourself a copy editor 08:07
    • Have someone proof all of your work before you publish.
    • Your eyes can get numb to seeing something over and over again.
    • It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes looking over your content.
    • That’s it for our free blogging guideline template!

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