Why You Should Use Two Factor Authentication with WordPress

  1. What is it and when do you use it? 00:46
    • Two factor authentication is used when you need an extra layer of security during the login process.
    • Typically, you log into a website with just a username and password. With two factor authentication, you have an extra step, such as a code sent to your mobile phone that you enter in with your password.
  2. Usernames and passwords can be stolen 01:32
    • Data breaches are very common these days. You can easily have your password compromised through social media and other sites you visit. If you have two factor authentication, you have an extra layer of security to keep the hackers out of your personal information.
    • Also, many people use the same password across multiple sites. If you do this and your password gets stolen from one site, then the hacker can access all of your other accounts.
  3. Websites can have brute force attacks 02:40
    • This is when a group of hackers use bots to try hundreds of passwords a second to get into your website. Having more than one form of authentication will keep these hackers out.
  4. You could leave your password logged into a public computer 03:37
    • It’s very easy to forgot to log out when using a public computer.
    • If there is a password sniffer or some type of software installed on the computer, hackers could get your information, unless you have a second form of authentication!

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