Are Online Courses Worth the Money?

  1. Yes, but… 02:39
    • Only if you take action on what you learn!
    • There is so much that you can learn through online courses. You could take every course on the internet, but it will be worthless if you don’t take any action on what you learn.
  2. Why follow through is so difficult 04:04
    • Most people have trouble executing on their ideas or on the information that they take in.
    • The dopamine rush, or excitement, of buying a course is the same as when you finish a course. So, many people feel as though they know a topic better just by purchasing the course and then don’t feel the need to finish it.
    • The people who are putting courses together usually aren’t looking to just take your money. They want to help you learn things and make changes! So when you purchase a course, try to really get the value out of it and apply it to your business.

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