Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

  1. Podcasts are educational and informative 01:51
    • Just like you can type into YouTube and learn anything you want, you could do that with podcasts too.
    • You can learn about all kinds of topics and from experts of all different fields.
    • For example, you’re listening to WP the podcast right now, you are getting educational information on WordPress and the other things that surround building a WordPress business. 
    • A great podcast for learning about business is The Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Siu.
  2. Podcasts can help you problem solve 03:19
    • A fantastic podcast on this topic is the Problem Solvers podcast.
    • This podcast was especially helpful for David. One episode in particular helped him to realize that even though his business was doing well, he shouldn’t get so comfortable that he wouldn’t make changes to help grow the business more.
  3. Podcasts can help you relax and entertain you 06:02
    • It’s almost like back in the day before TVs existed and all you’d have was radio. That was the entertainment and people would listen to these radio shows that would just be captivating and draw them into the story.
    • Podcasts that do this especially well would be Serial, Missing Richard Simmons, Levar Burton Reads, and S-Town.
  4. Podcasts stimulate creativity and help keep you focused on your goals 08:50
    • “When I go take a walk and I throw my headphones on and I put a podcast, I get pumped up it. It just gets my creative juices flowing. I’m ready to work and take on the world!” – David
    • “I listen to podcast when I’m driving and so I’m always so pumped and just want to dive right in. Then I get a little bit frustrated because I’m driving, so I can’t actually start implementing things I’m thinking about… yet!” – Tim

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