Our Favorite Email Clients to Use for Business

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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today in episode 734, we’re going to talk about our favorite email clients we use for business. Tim, you’re going to get us started off today.

00:45 Tim Strifler: Yes. So as we’ve talked about before, we highly recommend using Google Suite, G Suite, Google Apps for business, whatever it’s called. Now, they’ve changed the name so many times, it’s hard to keep up, but Google does email better than anyone and you get so much bang for your buck with having all the the cloud tools built in as well. The storage in the apps and stuff in Gmail is really, really powerful. However, I personally don’t like staying signed into because I have several different Gmail accounts. I don’t like staying signed into a bunch of them in the browser. It just kind of clutters things up. And so I use an app called Shift. Shift is a app made specifically exclusively for Gmail, and it lets you stay signed into a bunch of different Gmail accounts that you can toggle in between. And it’s a dedicated app software app for for Mac. I think they have it for PC as well and it’s really great that way. You don’t have to if you have more than one or just being able to separate your email from your browser, I find really handy. And then it’s especially the case when you have multiple Gmail accounts that you want to be able to stay signed into business, personal, other business, whatever. So shift is awesome. I highly recommend it. 

02:02 David Blackmon: All right. The other one that we recommend on our list is the Gmail app. It is a app you can use on your phone and you know, it it has multiple I use it. I don’t even really check email on my computer. I always check it on my phone because the app is so good. You can do a ton of things with it. Everything you want to do, it’s extremely powerful and allows you to have as many email accounts you want to be logged in to as once, like Tim said, with personal and business as well. I will throw a bonus out there. A lot of people like to use Mac mail if you’re a mac user and it’s a good program, I just don’t personally use it because I have everything funneling through my Gmail and all of my emails for business are through G Suite, which is what Tim and I recommended and stuff.

03:00 Tim Strifler: So yeah, and I’ll tell you, because I’m a mac user and I do like Apple’s software for the most part, but the Mac mail or the email app on Mac, it’s it’s not great specifically when you’re using the other Gmail features. Like for example, I use filters and what is gmail.com filter filters and like tags and stuff. Labels. I’m sorry. That’s what they call filters and labels. And you can’t really take advantage of those features when you’re using like Apple Mail and then also Apple. Yeah, Apple Mail’s what you might call it. Search is terrible. So when you’re trying to search for an email, it takes forever. And so but when you search directly on Gmail, it’s super easy. So yeah, I do use the mail app on phone, but I have the Gmail app. So if I need to search for something, then I go over to the Gmail app. So it’s I kind of have a weird way of doing things where I use Gmail shift on Mac and then I use Apple Mail on my phone for like looking at emails and deleting and replying, but if I need a search then I switch over to the Gmail app.

04:23 David Blackmon: I know that sounds terrible, Tim. It sounds terrible.

04:26 Tim Strifler: Yeah, it’s it’s like overall on phone. I prefer the apple mail just because it’s cleaner and simpler except for search. It’s just searching. Just sucks. Apple does not know how to create search. Google does search really well.

04:38 David Blackmon:  Well, here’s what I will say about the G mail app on my phone and why I use it is that because I can have all of my emails flowing into one inbox. Gmail app gives you the option to select all inboxes, so if you are logged in to multiple accounts, they’ll all come into one email inbox as opposed to switching between the users and stuff. Not sure if Shift Shift does that. And so that’s a huge feature that that really shifts shift. Doesn’t do that, but the Apple Apple Mail app does do that on phone and. Okay, yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, there you go. That’s what we recommend. Gmail app for your phone shift. For everything. Whatever. On the desktop and stuff. And here tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, the most crucial pages that every website needs. If you’re not sure what those pages are. Tune in and listen. We’ll see you tomorrow. 

05:46 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.

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