How to Build Funnels with WordPress and Instantly Increase Revenue

  1. What is a funnel? 00:23
    • This is when you create a specific path for a customer to a specific product.
    • It usually involves you sending a customer to a landing page that sells them on the product.
    • It’s called a funnel because there are usually multiple steps involved.
    • Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to build funnels with WordPress.
  2. This is where CartFlows comes in 03:55
    • This product is by Adam Preiser from WPCrafter. He partnered up with Sujay Pawar, the co-founder of Brainstorm Force, to create this awesome product.
    • It has so many amazing features, including best practice checkout templates to help you get higher conversion rates.
  3. Tim installed this software on one of his website and saw great results 06:55
    • When he set this up for his checkout, he added an order bump, which is an additional offer that the customer sees while in checkout. For example, “Hey get this one time offer for this other product, if you add it to cart right now!”.
    • Tim saw a 57% conversion rate on the order bump. This means that 57% of people who purchased the product ALSO purchased the order bump! This increased overall revenue by over 22%!
    • But he didn’t stop there…
    • After the checkout page, he used CartFlows to add a post-checkout upsell page, which offered another one-time offer (after the customer has already checked out!). With one click, the customer can make another purchase to get this other product.
    • This upsell had a 3.3% conversion rate. With some small updates to the landing page for the upsell, Tim believes it will perform even better going forward.
  4. We highly recommend that you check out CartFlows 12:53
    • This is the best way to build funnels with WordPress and instantly increase your eCommerce revenue.
    • We are an affiliate for this product, so if you purchase through this link we will make a small commission.
    • On WP the Podcast, We only recommend products that we use and have thoroughly tested. We have tested this product and the results have been fantastic. We think it would be incredibly valuable for your business.

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