Is it Too Late to Get Into WordPress?

  1. Simply answered? No, you’re not too late. 01:20
  2. WordPress is becoming more and more secure, more and more powerful. It’s never too late to start, if anything starting late could be a huge advantage for you because you got a lot of resources to move you forward faster. 03:07

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00:21 David Blackmon: Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP the podcast brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:36 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we’re gonna talk about whether or not it’s too late to get into WordPress. WordPress recently turned, what? 15 years, Tim? They’re working … They’re in their 16th year. And there are tons of WordPress developers around the world, probably in your local market as well. WordPress is open source, it’s free. So the barrier to entry is pretty low. If you’ve got some technical ability and you can watch YouTube and you can learn, then you can use WordPress. So question is is, is it too late?

01:20 Tim Strifler: Definitely not. I think WordPress right now is … I mean, overview the market share has continued to grow. What is it, David? It’s over 30% of the internet is built on WordPress?

01:30 David Blackmon: Yeah, almost 35% of every website on the internet is built on WordPress.

01:35 Tim Strifler: Yeah. And that number is continuing to grow. And WordPress is doing things to stay relevant. For example, the launch of Gutenberg, the native page builder essentially that’s now built into WordPress. The block based builder. In order to stay competitive with Wix, and Squarespace, and all of those platforms. And you have the largest ecosystem of third-party companies that are creating premium plug-ins, and themes, and layouts, and all of those things for WordPress which is helping continue WordPress and helping build that market share. So if you’re someone that’s … You’re not sure if it’s too late to get into WordPress as a product creator, I would say definitely not. The market is changing. Now that there’s Gutenberg and stuff, the general WordPress themes are becoming less common. You really have to go after either a Gutenberg page builder theme or a page builder in general. And so the landscape is changing, but it’s definitely not too late to get into WordPress as a product creator.

02:40 Tim Strifler: As a website builder, whether you want to build for clients or what, there couldn’t be a better time because with 34, almost 35% of the internet, that is a stat that you can use to your advantage to convince clients to let you build their website on WordPress. And so yeah, WordPress is becoming more and more secure, more and more powerful. And it’s definitely not too late. That’s my opinion.

03:07 David Blackmon: Yeah. I don’t think that WordPress is … It’s such a huge leader in web development that they’re continuing to innovate, but I don’t really feel like it’s to complete with the Squarespaces, and the Wixes, and the Weeblys because they’re not even close. I think they’re just trying to crush them. Make sure that they never, ever, ever can catch up. I want to say the stat that I saw was like 30 … Last stat I saw, which was a couple years ago, nearly 35% of the internet was built on the WordPress platform. And number two was 3%, which is insane. So yeah. I agree with Tim and it’s definitely not too late. I’ve only been in WordPress for five years. And we’ve been able to build a really nice successful WordPress company. Both on the product side and the client services side.

04:07 David Blackmon: So check it out. If you’ve got some questions, you want to know how to get involved, leave us a comment if WordPress is something you’re interested in. Tim and I also last year, latter part of last year, released a course that helps you break into the WordPress space. Things that you may want to do and stuff. So you can check that out on Tomorrow we’ve got another great episode. How to submit your site map to Google. Tim, until tomorrow. We’ll see you then.

04:42 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.

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