How to Become a Finisher

In Episode 271, we talked about why you should be a finisher more than a starter. In this episode, we will show you some ways to become a finisher.

  1. Have someone hold you accountable 01:17
    • Share your big goals with a friend or a mentor who can keep you accountable to your to-do list.
    • Ask them to check in on you once a week to see how much progress you have made on your goals.
  2. Be honest about your struggles 01:58
    • Acknowledging that you have “shiny object syndrome” and can’t keep focused on one project at a time will help you prepare for future projects.
    • If you don’t realize that you have this problem, you’ll keep finding yourself with a list of unfinished projects.
    • If you know that something is a struggle for you, try not to do it. Outsource, automate, or eliminate, so you can focus on what you do best.
  3. Ask for help 03:00
    • It’s hard to ask for help sometimes, especially as an entrepreneur.
    • Don’t feel like you have to do everything yourself.
    • You need to ask for help to become a finisher. Hire people or ask for advice. Do whatever you have to do to finish the project.
  4. Set achievable goals 04:05
    • It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that you need to do.
    • Set your big goal (launching the project) and then set achievable milestones in between.
    • If you don’t hit all of your milestones, it’s okay! Just reassess where you are with your progress and see if you can hit the next deadline. If not, adjust your deadlines.
  5. Speaking of finishing projects… 05:14
    • We are currently preparing to record content for our first course about building a business with Divi.
    • Stay tuned for progress on this project. And help keep us accountable about finishing it!

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