How to Work with Different Sized Budgets

  1. Idea #1: Use child themes 01:22
    • A child theme is a ready-made website “in a box”, where you can swap out the text, images, etc.
    • For smaller projects, you can assist in modifying a child theme, such as adding a few extra pages.
  2. Idea #2: Build a database library of content templates 05:27
    • There are only so many ways that you can redesign a contact page.
    • With each website, add to your growing library of templates. Then you can pull from these templates on smaller projects.
  3. Idea #3: Use a “less strategy” approach 07:01
    • While strategy is an important part of building a website, it also takes time, which costs money.
    • If a client has a smaller budget, try to create a package with a more focused approach that includes less time spent on strategy and more time spent on modifying a template to the client’s needs.

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