How Much We Charge Clients for a WordPress Website

  1. One page or landing page 01:49
    • David: We don’t take on any clients for under $2,500. So we haven’t been asked to do any landing pages.
    • Tim: We have a starting rate of $2,000. We don’t do many landing pages, but we have had clients that needed multiple landing pages. We charge them $1,000 each and then they hit our minimum rate.
  2. Brochure website 04:27
    • The content is never really going to change, requires only 3-5 pages of content, and client provides all content.
    • David: We start at $2,500 and go up from there.
    • Tim: We start at $2,000 for a very basic website and go up from there.
  3. Ecommerce 05:56
    • David: We won’t touch an ecommerce site for under less than $10,000.
    • Tim: A very basic ecommerce website would start at $5,000, but quickly goes up in price when you add in extra features.
  4. Membership website 07:54
    • David: We don’t have a set minimum. It really depends on the project and the complexities. If we just build the platform and the client populates the content, then the price would be around $6,000-$7,000. If they want the content populated, extra features, automations, etc, then it will cost upwards of $10,000.
    • Tim: A good ballpark starting place is $5,000 and then add for extras from there.
  5. Learning Management System 09:27
    • David: Probably going to start at the $6,000-$7,000 range and then go up from there.
    • Tim: I would start at a similar range to the membership site. Start at $5,000 and then go up from there.

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