How to Get an eCommerce Store Online Fast with WordPress

  1. Divi + WooCommerce 01:26
  2. Child Theme from Divi Space or Divi Life  02:17

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of wp the podcast i’m David Blackmon

00:29 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:30  David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about how to get an e-commerce store online fast with WordPress. And i would imagine that most businesses in the last two years were scrambling to do this when the pandemic hit and everything shut down, so it hasn’t changed much from the beginning to now. So Tim take it away.

01:03 Tim Strifler: Absolutely. So uh now as David and i were discussing this topic off here before, we started, uh we mentioned this is not how to get an e-commerce store building a custom website. Right uh there’s a lot more created or maybe that’s not the right word, there’s a lot longer ways that you can do to build an e-commerce website, so this this episode is how to build an ecommerce store fast with WordPress. And so the first thing that we recommend doing is choosing a page builder. We love and we recommend Divi and then the reason why we love Divi for e-commerce is Divi has direct integrations with Woocommerce. Woocommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. So we highly recommend that you use Woocommerce for your store and it pairs very well with Divi, because of the the Woocommerce modules that it has allowing you to build custom product pages and of those amazing things. So again this is not how to build a custom ecommerce store that’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of money. It’s how to get an online store fast and David’s going to talk about the next point which is going to significantly speed up your workflow.

02:17 David Blackmon: Yeah and I think, you know, you said something that was really really important and stuff. You know if you want a custom site and you want something that’s great but if you want to get it on quickly this is your way to go. You may want to have a a plan for the future for building out that custom custom site and stuff, but i don’t think you need to wait. So i guess last year sometime i on my Youtube channel Digital Buddha and the Digital Buddha Youtube channel i built an e-commerce website in like seven minutes with this process. So um a recommendation is to get a theme like Divi and you know or there’s lots of page builders out there that have child themes, Tim’s got a ton of them on Divi Life we have some on Divi Space and Aspen Grove Studios, but basically you’re just going to want to take something that’s already pre-built and install it really quickly you know. And then you’re going to be able to go in and brand it put your product information in you know upload all of your products set your payment gateways do all the things that you need to do for your store which is going to get you online. Literally i’m telling you, you could have a full functioning ecommerce website with your products your data payment gateways everything if you go the route of child theme which is already pre-designed and stuff and in 48 hours or less. If you go and spend the time to upload your products put your images put your content you’re just rebranding this thing that’s already built for you and they’re beautiful. Tim has some amazing child themes over at Divi life we have some amazing ones over at Divi Space as well. As there’s a lot of other companies out there that have them as well so and they’re inexpensive an ecommerce website’s going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars minimum for a custom e-commerce website and you can have a child theme um you know that you may spend anywhere from 50 to 150 dollars for you know i mean that’s a huge difference um so yeah anything you want to add.

04:34 Tim Strifler: It all comes down to the fact that customizing something that’s been pre-designed is far quicker than designing something from scratch. That’s true for any website but especially ecommerce because there’s so many additional parts to the website with the product pages and the card and the checkout and all of that. And so you can take some it’s already been designed and just put your logo on it put in your your content your products and then you can choose to be done from there, or you can customize further if you want. And then that’s it then you’re free to then set up the payment gateways and the shipping and all that stuff that goes along with an e-commerce tour but you’re cutting out like 80% of the work that typically is required for building a custom online store.

05:20 David Blackmon: And then when you have generated the revenue from your e-commerce store being online and you’re ready for a custom experience. You’ve already made the money and it’s not really an investment it’s you know it’s uh you’re you’ve made the money for it so..

05:37  Tim Strifler:  Yeah and last thing i want to say on that note David is by using tools like Divi and Woocommerce you built the store on an amazing foundation. So that when you do whether it’s right away when you start making money or you know years down the road. It’s easy to then redesign the site without affecting all your data and the reason i say this is if you think oh you know what i’m going to just go to wix or squarespace or shopify and just quickly put up a really generic looking online store and then later i’ll do a custom one. On Woocommerce and WordPress well you’re going to have a lot more work on your hands to migrate everything over from a different platform but if you start on a really good foundation like diving Woocommerce that gives you a really good combination of ease of use and professional framework then you won’t be kicking yourself later because redesigning a site that’s already built on Woocommerce is a lot easier than migrating from another platform to Woocommerce.

06:41 David Blackmon:  Absolutely. All right tomorrow we’ve got another great topic a plug-in highlight we haven’t done one of these in a while, so here you go one signal push notifications is the plug-in that will we will be covering tomorrow. So come tune in and join us, Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

06:59  Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye


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