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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast i’m Tim Strifler and today we are discussing how to design simple images and graphics without using Photoshop. Now you probably think that i’m going to just tell you about a simpler uh graphics program uh like Canva for example. Canvas gray we had an episode about Canva not too long ago um but actually that’s not what i’m talking about at all. And so um talking about kind of an unconventional method you might find it silly but i find it very effective and easy to do, and basically what it is, is i use Divi the page builder to design images and graphics. So for example i’m not talking about a web page like yes obviously i use Divi to design websites, but what i’m talking about is stuff that’s off the web page such as like facebook cover photos youtube cover photos um a graphic for a email blast um uh you know stuff like that. Simple things that i just don’t want to open up Photoshop or i do use Photoshop for certain things more complex you know. But for simple things using the page builder is actually really easy because i’m super comfortable using the page builder to design and so uh you can easily within you know and it doesn’t have to be Divi, you can use any other page builder, but you basically just define a set or a fixed width and height to match the dimensions of what you’re doing, and then you just design. Right, and then you just take a screenshot. It’s super easy, super effective. Yes, you have more options more controls using Photoshop or Canva or whatever, but for quick things and a lot of times what it is is it’s it’s i i have basically uh like i have something designed already on a page on a web page, and i just need to basically get a version of it for an email blast or for social media or something like that to fit the dimensions and so then it’s just super easy because i already have the bulk of it done, i can make changes on the page and actually a lot of times what i do for something like that in that scenario where i have it you know, basically done on the web page already and i just need to tweak it a variation of it to fit a different size for a different platform, then what i’ll typically do is i’ll just right click inspect element and make changes in the browser on to the css, to then make it fit. When i need oh i need to you know fill in the space here make the font bigger or whatever and then i take the screenshot. So kind of silly uh you might be like okay uh why wouldn’t you just use something like Canva um but uh i find for for quick things it’s actually a huge time saver um and it makes sense when you’re at the point where you’re so familiar and experienced with your page builder of choice that it’s like why would i switch to something and i want to learn a whole new thing and open up another piece of software or whatever when i can just do it right here in the design software i’m already using it. Just happens to be design software that’s mainly used to build web pages. So uh kind of unconventional but um hopefully you found that helpful, let me know uh in the comments if you have ever used the page builder comment on the youtube video or on the blog post on we’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know if you’ve ever done that method of using the page builder to design something other than a webpage, would love to hear if i’m alone or if this is a common thing. Um tune into tomorrow’s episode we’re going to talk about how to indirectly advertise your business and the kind of the premise here something that we’ve said many many times on this show is people love to buy but they hate being sold to and so uh you know we don’t like getting advertised to constantly and so this method is more indirect which can be really effective. So tune in tomorrow for that until then take care bye.

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