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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, i’m David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today in episode 750 we’re going to talk about how many marketing emails should you send, and before you even say anything or ask anything, yes email is still a thing. And i’m a poet and didn’t know it because it’s still a thing, and it’s still king. So emails are hugely you know. They’re just really really good, and now there is a balance of you know how many emails do you want to send out and stuff. And the answer to that is, it depends. Right it depends on you know, what type of content that you’re emailing out. If we’re talking about strictly salesy promotional emails i don’t even know if i want to answer that one, Tim should we break it down by week month year how do we want to break it down?

01:42 Tim Strifler: Yeah and i mean it also depends on the industry. But i would say in general a good rule of thumb is in terms of like sales emails definitely don’t send more than three per week. And don’t do that every week, right? Yeah so don’t do three a week every single yeah.

02:02 David Blackmon: That seems hard to me Tim.

02:03 Tim Strifler: It does, i would say a better like, i would say that’s max. I would say between one and three. Um but yeah if you’re if you’re sending value emails which is content resources uh you know stuff like that, that’s not salesy then i mean you could you could do as much as you want yeah.

02:25 David Blackmon: Absolutely. You know, i will say this and and we’ll dig a little caveat even deeper with the sales emails. Um i do as you’re we’re processing this stuff and we’re talking it through, i’m thinking okay ooh three sounds a lot high per week, however if it’s retargeting someone that’s already interested in your content. So if they’ve come to your website they browsed it you’ve pixeled them and you want to just retarget them to try to get them to buy then i definitely think it’s okay to serve multiple emails per week. If they’ve put your product in the cart and you have a you know, cart abandoned software that you’re using and if you’re not you have an e-commerce website you need to be using all this stuff because it will tell you when customers put stuff in. Whether they’ve signed up or not and you’re going to be able to market to these people and stuff. So i think that you can be a little bit more aggressive with those types of sales emails, and obviously there are a few times a year where people are just expecting to get lambasted i haven’t used that word in a while Tim. Lambasted with emails, and that’s black friday any other sales outside of black friday cyber monday where people are just expecting you know lots of emails Tim.

03:51 Tim Strifler: Not to the same degree, but i would say like other holidays such as like july 4th in the US is a big sales holiday. Um people are kind of used to getting you know expecting sales and stuff. But yeah black friday it’s one of those things where it’s like all bets are off right like you can break all of the rules yeah and you won’t get you know hated.

04:19 David Blackmon: Email an hour..

04:20 Tim Strifler: Yeah I mean, honestly i think during black friday i send like that weekend, i send like three emails on black friday. And like two you know the following days after, right. And then one per day until the sale is over you know. And that’s that is like, yes you will see a lot of unsubscribes, but nothing compared to if you would do that same amount like another time of the year.

04:41 David Blackmon: You’d be they’d be running for the hills,  one thing else spam complaints. Yeah yeah i do want to put uh you know expound upon what Tim said. I do think that you know, if there’s useful tutorial based helpful free content that you’re putting out there, that is great for driving sales and traffic to your website. So don’t think that those won’t generate sales, because they do. And i definitely think you could put out one i think Elegant Themes do they put out still, put out like two a day yeah. Because they have Divi content, then they have WordPress content. So yeah and you know they get a metric ton of traffic. So they’re serving a massive massive audience and stuff. So um yeah i think i think depending on the type of content and what the context is is going to determine the the how often you send emails out stuff.

05:40 Tim Strifler: Yeah definitely. And one of those things that too is you want to uh kind of like your users should know what to expect from you. So if you’re sending you know one email a month and then all of a sudden you start going to every day, like users are gonna get kind of annoyed. So you would wanna transition slowly and then maybe even send out an email saying hey we’re switching things up you’re gonna hear from us a lot more, but we’re going to do our best to send you you know the most valuable content ever blah blah blah. And same thing if you aren’t sending emails regularly, you’re going to want to because otherwise your users will forget about you. So absolutely it’s like it isn’t just about the maximum amount of emails that you should send it’s also about the minimum um because you need to be nurturing your audience and uh staying top of mind stuff like that gotcha.

06:30 David Blackmon: All right, tomorrow we’ve got another great topic, Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

06:40 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.


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