How a Local Small Business Meetup Can Help Grow Your Business

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00:25 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:37 David Blackmon: Today in episode 650 we’re going to talk about how a local small business meetup can help grow your business. And in these times this is going to be even more, so I’ve always felt like this was a great idea to do regardless of pandemic or not. But now that a lot of small businesses have suffered as a direct result of the quarantines. And people being locked down and businesses being shut and them not having an online presence. I think now more than ever is going to be a great time to start helping these businesses out you know do these things once a month and give them give away share some of your free knowledge. I guarantee it’s going to benefit help grow your business so that’s what Tim and I are going to talk about today.

01:27 Tim Strifler: Yeah and depending on where you are, you might still be in some sort of a lockdown quarantine type situation. I know in California they started to open stuff back up, and then the cases skyrocketed. And so then they locked everything back up again, and so you might be in a place where you’re like I can’t do a local meetup for small businesses. And so what we’re suggesting is start planning it now 
because as soon as stuff starts to open up small businesses are going to be hungry for that. For that engagement and interaction with other business owners and wanting to network and stuff like that. So if you can kind of get the all those things rolling now “oh my gosh”,  it will like be so successful once you can actually make it live.

02:07 David Blackmon: And what are some of those things that you can be doing right now. You can be looking for a place to meet you know. You can be thinking about topics that you want to cover that are relevant pain points solve some problems for these small businesses that didn’t have a website, or maybe had a website but had no way to generate revenue on that website, because they didn’t have an e-commerce website,
or whatever. There are lots of things and topics that you can kind of cover and stuff. So preparing for that now and getting the word out you don’t need to wait until all this pandemic stuff is over, you know. Start reaching out to businesses let them know what you’re going to be doing and stuff and making them aware.

02:56 Tim Strifler:  You took the words out of my mouth David! I was going to say the exact thing start reaching out to these businesses and engage their interest, and you could even create a Facebook group specifically for this quote unquote networking group. And be like “hey I’m gonna create this group here for you know blank small business networking”. So you know, your area small business networking Facebook group and then start inviting people there, and you can start engaging with them and interacting with them there, even before you have an actual physical meetup. So you’re gonna get a ton of people that are interested and you’re gonna look like the hero because you’re the one behind it all, and guess what? You’re a web designer! Hey all these businesses are gonna need someone to help them redesign their site work on their site build a new site whatever.  It’s not something that you go in with this big sales pitch, but just the fact that you’re there and you’re wanting to network and you’re not pitching yourself at all, but you’re showing value they’re going to want to hire you even without you pitching anything at all. It’s it’s amazing how not selling can sometimes be the best sales strategy!

04:02 David Blackmon: Absolutely being helpful and sharing your knowledge will 100 percent, you know, benefit! You in the long run you know besides the fact that physiologically something happens when we’re of service to people, you know, we feel good about ourselves, we feel like we’re giving back, you know, we’re sharing our knowledge and stuff. And it just it makes us feel good emotionally. Which affects us physically
all the way around you know. I guarantee you that kind of whether you believe in what you reap is what you sow or karma, you know, what you’re putting out into the universe, you’re gonna get back. If you’re putting out goodness and stuff out there, you’re gonna definitely benefit greatly from doing that and stuff. And businesses are going to be appreciative even if they don’t hire you it’s okay you know they may run across someone,  you know, one of their co-business owners that does need to hire someone and you might be the person they think of, and say “go see David or Tim because those guys really help me out, and they know their stuff. And you know they’re good guys so go hire them”. You just never know so yeah! Boom there you go! Start a local small business meetup, because I promise you it’s going to help grow your business in the long run. Do it once a month it’s not going to take a tremendous amount of time an hour a month what can that hour a month benefit you huge.

05:28 Tim Strifler: Yeah and what one more thing I want to say is you sometimes might not even have to be the one to start it. Do some research there might already be one, and just join it,  and start getting involved and being helpful. 

05:40 David Blackmon: Absolutely all right tomorrow in episode 651 we’re going to talk about four things you need to install on every WordPress website for marketing purposes. Tim until tomorrow we’ll see you then.

05:55 Tim Strifler: Take care bye-bye. 

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