Why Evergreen Content is Crucial for Your Blog’s Success

  1. What is evergreen content? 00:51
    • Evergreen content is always going to be relevant.
    • So you’re creating content that’s not necessarily time-sensitive or going to be quickly outdated.
    • You’re writing content that is going to be relevant and authoritative for years to come because you’re writing about things that are unlikely to change in your industry.
  2. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel 01:19
    • Having evergreen posts that perform well on Google will make your site easier to maintain over the long run because you don’t have to start from scratch all the time. You can continue to promote these evergreen posts.
    • Tutorials are a great way to incorporate evergreen content. If the content is relevant for a long period of time, you’ll get more traffic and views.
  3. Examples of non-evergreen content 02:57
    • 10 Design Trends for 2018
      • This might still be a good post, but it is not evergreen content. By including a year, the content is now dated.
    • WordCamp US 2017 Recap
      • Not only is this post dated, but it is also covering a specific event. It is only relevant until the next event comes along.
  4. Examples of evergreen content 04:06
    • Episode 97 – How to Reduce Database Bloat on your Website
      • This topic is going to be relevant for years to come.
    • How to Close More Deals
      • This doesn’t have to do with any technology or changing topics. These might be included in the post, but you can update it as things change. The majority of the post will stay the same.
    • How to Close More Deals with LinkedIn
      • This does depend on LinkedIn. If the website ever changed policies or went away, your post would be irrelevant. However, this is unlikely, so it is pretty safe to say that this would be relevant content for awhile.
  5. Teach how to do something 05:15
    • If you can teach your audience a skill or how to use a tool, they will keep coming back to your website.

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