How to Convince Clients to Use WordPress

  1. Most popular content management system 01:47
    • 28% of all sites are built on WordPress (and this number is growing!)
    • This is a great place to be for WordPress developers.
  2. There are hundreds of thousands of plugins 02:40
    • These can add features to client websites with minimal costs
  3. WooCommerce is a 100% free platform 03:37
    • It is also the most popular e-commerce platform.
  4. It’s user-friendly 04:18
    • You can use templates and many other features that make it easier to manage the site
  5. It’s easy to update 05:16
    • We still recommend that a professional performs these updates.
    • However, it’s still much easier than updating on a custom website.
  6. There are many resources available for WordPress 06:01
    • Forums, YouTube, tutorials, and more.
  7. There are so many WordPress developers out there 06:36
    • You’ll never be “up the creek without a paddle”.
    • If you can’t continue assisting with a client’s site, there are other professionals that can take it over.

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