Should You Do Business With Family and Close Friends?

  1. Tim’s opinion 00:58
    • Yes, in the beginning.
    • When you are first starting out, no one knows who you are, so you are still building your network.
    • Family and close friends are a quick way to get started with your web design business.
    • BUT this doesn’t mean that you are doing anything for free. You should still charge and you should still use contracts when you do business with family and friends.
    • Once you get farther along in your business, Tim recommends being more careful about taking on these projects.
  2. David’s opinion 02:33
    • David agrees that this can be a good strategy when starting out because your future clients won’t know that the work in your portfolio is for your family and friends.
    • He just cautions that you be very careful and clear with these projects.
    • David also thinks that you can still work on these projects even later on in your business.
    • With these types of projects, you should include a “get out of jail” clause in your contract, saying that the relationship is most important and both of you have the right to end the project at any time if it begins to jeopardize your relationship. You don’t want things to be awkward around the holidays!

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