Should You Bring Clients Onto Your Internal Communication Platforms

  1. Pro: They can track progress of projects in your project management tool 01:22
    • The client can see what is happening on the project, rather than being in the dark or requiring updates from you.
  2. Con: You have to teach them how to use something new (most likely) 02:06
    • Your internal communications platforms may be easy peasy for you, but might be really confusing to your client.
    • If that’s the case, you’ll have to spend time training them on how to use it.
    • For shorter projects, it’s probably not worth it. If it is a longer project, you might want to consider this.
  3. Pro: They communicate with you and your team without long confusing email threads 03:00
    • If you’ve been doing client work for awhile now, you know how long email threads can get, especially if you don’t determine a main point of contact.
    • If you communicate through a software like Slack, you can easily see who sent what at what date and you can use the search functionality.
  4. Con: You may be giving them too much info on project details 04:24
    • When you give too many details, you open yourself up to what we call “the over the shoulder designer”.
    • When clients are constantly giving their opinion on each step, it can really interrupt your workflow.
  5. Tim’s process 05:15
    • Tim has never brought a client into a project management platform, mainly for the cons mentioned above.
    • He would rather control what a client sees and when.
    • However, he has brought clients into his Slack channel to better communicate.
  6. David’s process 06:16
    • David does not bring clients into his project management software either. “We don’t like backseat drivers.”
    • David creates a new slack for every project and uses this to communicate on the project, instead of creating a new channel within an account.
    • When the project is completed, he kills the slack.
  7. Meme for “over the should designing” 08:50

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