The Best Tools for Creating a WordPress Product Company

  1. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) 01:32
    • This software was made for uses like creating a WordPress product company.
    • It has all the features that you’ll need.
    • EDD has a free version, but you’ll want to get the premium version.
  2. Help Scout 02:37
    • Support is very important for a product business.
    • This tool makes it easy to manage your support requests and turn customer questions into FAQ’s for your website.
  3. AffiliateWP 03:28
    • This program works seamlessly with EDD.
    • It allows you to create your own affiliate program. Your loyal customers can use this to promote your products.
  4. Jilt/Ahoy! 04:10
    • These marketing plugins help with abandon cart, exit intent, and other marketing features.
  5. MailChimp/GetResponse 05:41
    • These tools are fantastic for email marketing.
    • Having a powerful email marketing strategy is so important for creating a WordPress product company.
    • It’s the difference between selling one time products and growing a base of loyal customers.
  6. PixelYourSite Pro 06:53
    • This tool works with Facebook to manage your pixel.
    • It’s easy to set up a tracking pixel for your website.
    • What’s nice about using this software is that it will integrate with your ecommerce software.
    • This means that if someone comes to your site through a Facebook ad and makes a purchase, Facebook will be able to track that conversion. This will give you more data for making future ad decisions.
  7. MonsterInsights Pro 08:35
    • This is an analytics software that integrates with Google Analytics.
    • It works well for e-commerce and gives you more insight into your sales data.
  8. OneSignal 09:37
    • This is a push notification software.
    • Every time you publish new content for your WordPress product company, OneSignal can send a notification to your subscribers.
  9. ThirstyAffiliates Pro 11:09
    • This software works in conjunction with affiliate marketing.
    • It allows you to cloak your links, so you don’t have a huge long link with an obvious affiliate link in it.
    • The pro version will automatically insert your affiliate links for you.
  10. Yoast SEO 12:32
    • This software isn’t just for e-commerce, but it’s important because you need to keep SEO in mind to rank your products.
  11. GitHub/Bitbucket 13:21
    • These tools are very useful for version control, especially if you have multiple developers working on the same code.

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