Why You Should Attend (or Start) WordPress Meetups

  1. Continuing education 02:04
    • It’s a great way for WordPress users to get together, help each other out, and learn from each other.
  2. Networking 02:46
    • You might meet people who have complementary skills to you, such as blogging, SEO, or email marketing.
    • You could potentially partner your design skills with these people on future projects.
    • Or maybe you meet someone who is where you want to be in business and they could become your mentor.
  3. Giving back to the WordPress community 03:46
    • There will always be new people joining the community and you have the opportunity to help these individuals, like others who helped you get started.
  4. It helps promote and grow WordPress as a whole 04:30
    • WordPress now powers around 30% of the internet.
    • Whenever you network at WordPress meetups, you are spreading the word about the platform and helping it to grow even bigger!
  5. Coopetition 05:18

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