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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast i’m Tim Strifler, and today we are talking about a simple tactic that can help you get more local web design clients. Now we’ve talked a lot about how to get clients and some things you can do on this podcast and then David and i have in our WP Gears course, Divi Business Expert where we teach you how to get clients and go through all of those steps, but i wanted to share a tactic that i’ve never talked about before, that i think can be really really helpful for you, and i’ve seen it be really beneficial for friends of mine. I have not personally done it because i don’t build client sites anymore, but if i did i would definitely do this because it is just a really good tactic. Now you may be familiar with the Next Door App. Next Door has become really popular in the us but they’re also outside of the US. Now i don’t know every country that they’re in but basically it’s like a social network like Facebook but it’s specifically for your local community. Right you join a neighborhood and then you can post in your local neighborhood you can post in the uh you know the bigger neighborhood or the city. Even um you know depending on how your local area is broken down and i’ve seen it be really effective to post in there about what you do. Now it’s more effective if you can have your spouse do it for you or a close family member and they just write a simple post that says “hey everyone just wanted to let you know that my husband/ my wife/ my brother/ my sister/ my uncle my nephew/ is a web designer and he loves working with small businesses in our city, and he’s local here in the city and so if you have any web design needs definitely reach out and he would love to help you”. Right so just a friendly casual post here’s why it’s effective one it’s from someone else. Right it’s like a a recommendation, right how’s that recommendation feel does it feel like it’s an advertisement or a spam or anything like that, and then the second reason it’s effective is it’s local, right? You post that in you know a facebook group that is national or international or whatever whatever no one’s going to care you go maybe maybe at some point possibly get a lead maybe but in your local area people want to work with people that are in their area.  Right, it’s already even though it it’s like still a cold elite it feels like it’s warmed up because you have something in common you’re both in that local area that community and so they already feel like they know you a little bit because you know you’re right down the street from them. Oh you you did the website for this other local business and so it can be a really effective way of getting clients. Now it should go without being said you can’t spam you can’t have your spouse or whoever just spam the group over and over again this is like a once a quarter type of thing where you just do a casual post and um yeah now as i mentioned i haven’t personally done this, but i have friends who have it’s been really effective, and i’ve seen it for all different types of industries. We’ve found people, we found a cleaning lady through next door where someone just said “hey we recommend this cleaning lady if anyone’s looking for one”. Same thing mobile car wash we found our mobile car wash,  through this tactic as well. Someone just recommended, so um you can have your spouse your wife whoever and then if you want to get like take it up a notch next level have one of your past clients do it. Say “hey like i’m trying to get more business here in the local area, If you wouldn’t mind logging into Nextdoor if you have an account and just do a simple post recommending me, that would be huge. Like that would that’s like 10 times above having a spouse do it. So yeah that is it simple tactic can be highly effective because it’s localized specific and it feels like that personal recommendation type of thing.  So tune into tomorrow’s episode we’re gonna be talking about the difference between outbound and inbound marketing, um i love marketing i can nerd out over this stuff, so super excited to talk about that so until then take care bye.

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