7 Warning Signs Of A Difficult Client

  1. The client thinks everything is “quick and easy” 01:10
    • If a client is trying to tell you how to do your job and say that something is easy, then they may be trying to downplay the job so you charge them less.
  2. The promise of future work 01:49
    • This usually comes with the request or requirement of a cheaper rate.
    • They also might ask for a cheaper rate because you will get “exposure” from working on their account or they might offer equity in their start-up if you build their website.
    • More often than not, these deals don’t end well and are a sign of a difficult client.
  3. They have unrealistic deadlines 03:27
    • They want everything now.
    • This is a red flag and you’re going to want to pass on this client.
  4. Someone that questions your rate or tries to negotiate on price 03:58
    • Instead of negotiating on your price, try to negotiate the scope of work or set up payment plans.
  5. They fired their last web designer 05:33
    • This typically happens for a reason and usually this reason is because the client was difficult to work with.
  6. When they are disorganized from the start 07:04
    • Then the rest of the project will probably be disorganized as well.
  7. Trust your intuition 07:38
    • If you feel like this person might be difficult to work with, walk away.
  8. Bonus Tip! 09:11
    • If a client asks you to help finish or “clean up” the site that they built themselves, they will probably be a pain to work with. Most likely, they will micromanage the project and be very demanding.

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