7 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers

  1. Stripe 03:01
    • A great Paypal alternative with very similar fees.
    • One cool feature of Stripe is that it does a rolling deposit after 48 hours. You don’t have to go in and manually transfer money to your bank account
  2. TransferWise 03:51
    • David started using this service this year to pay freelancers around the world.
    • TransferWise allows you to directly send money to someone’s bank account.
    • It may take several days for the payment to arrive, but you lock in the exchange rate on the day that you submit the transaction.
    • Keep in mind that there is a process for applying to use this service, but once you are through it will be worth it.
  3. Bitcoin 05:06
    • Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency.
    • You can use Bitcoin to send money all over the world.
    • You can convert your US dollars to Bitcoin and then send the Bitcoin electronically.
    • Stripe now accepts Bitcoin as well.
  4. Payoneer 06:23
    • A Paypal alternative that is very similar to TransferWise.
    • Tim uses this service to pay overseas contractors.
    • It’s a great way to send money, whether you decide to pay by credit card or through ACH.
  5. Payza 06:58
    • Very similar to Payoneer and TransferWise. Just another great service that you can use as an alternative to Paypal.
  6. 2Checkout 07:22
    • Another Paypal alternative for sending and receiving online payments.
  7. Google Wallet 07:42
    • Did you know that you can send money through Google? Of course you can because Google is awesome.
  8. Bonus! Facebook 07:53
    • You can also send money through Facebook Messenger.
  9. Bonus! Square Cash 08:22
    • This is an app where you can send money.
    • Keep in mind that there is a limit to how much you can send
  10. Bonus! Venmo 08:43
    • Venmo is popular for sending money to friends and for paying personal expenses, but sometimes clients may want to pay you through Venmo.

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