5 Things to Give the WordPress Developer for Christmas

  1. WordPress Swag from the Swag store 01:22
    • WordPress developers looooove to wear WordPress swag. T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs — it’s all in the swag store.
  2. A mobile desk 02:52
    • Many WordPress developers work on their laptops, so they can be mobile and work from different places. A mobile desk is a great Christmas gift for the on-the-go developer.
  3. An office chair 03:30
    • Having a comfortable office chair really matters, especially when you work on the computer and spend a good amount of time sitting down.
    • Gaming chairs are very comfortable and ergonomic.
  4. A stand up desk 04:32
    • This is great for taking a break from your comfy office chair.
    • Try to find one that converts for standing and sitting, so your WordPress developer will have options, like these desks from Uplift Desk.
  5. A clever coffee mug 05:29
    • Most developers are either going to be drinking coffee or tea, so this will be a vital item for the Christmas gift list.
    • Bonus points if it has a witty developer related pun on it.

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