6 Marketing Tools You Should Be Checking Regularly

  1. Google Analytics 01:52
    • This is a very powerful analytics tool.
    • You can look at where your traffic is coming from, what visitors are interested in, and what devices they are visiting on.
    • Analytics should be dictating the type of traffic that you have on your website.
  2. Google Search Console 02:55
    • This tool will show you if Google bots have any errors when crawling your site, also known as “crawl errors”.
    • You will also be able to submit your sitemaps, which tells Google how your content is built.
    • Plus, you will be able to see some insight into the keywords that you are ranking for.
  3. Ahrefs 03:45
    • A powerful tool that allows you to see what keywords you are ranking for, how many backlinks you have to your site, and what you can do to break into the first page of Google search.
    • It can also help check on your competitors to see how they are ranking.
  4. SEMrush 05:21
    • This tool focuses on paid search competitor research.
    • It will tell you how much your competitors are spending on ads and how much they are bidding on keywords.
  5. Facebook Insights 06:12
    • This tool gives you insight into how your organic Facebook posts are doing.
  6. Google Trends 06:45
    • This is a great tool for seeing trends for keywords and popular topics.
    • This can help you to write new content, name products, and much more.

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