5 Ways to NOT Grow Your Email List

On this show, we talk a lot about the things that you should do, so we’re going to flip it upside down and talk about the things that you shouldn’t do when you’re trying to grow your email list.

  1. Don’t Have an Easily Seen Subscribe Form 01:38
    • If you don’t want people to subscribe to your email list… put your sign-up form where no one will find it.
    • If you do want people to subscribe to your email list… put it somewhere easy to see.
  2. Have a Poor/Typical Call to Action 02:19
    • If you want to bore people or encourage them to leave your website, use an unimaginative call to action like… “subscribe to  our newsletter”.
    • Get your users excited about the idea of signing up for your email list! Tell them about all the cool free stuff they will get and the sales that they will have access to.
  3. Call Your Email List a “Newsletter” 03:58
    • This term is sooo 2001. It goes back to the days of physical newsletters that company’s sent you in the mail.
    • Email marketing has changed a lot throughout the years and this term just isn’t as relatable as it used to be.
  4. Don’t Give Incentives to Subscribe 05:47
    • You should be giving incentives to your subscribers, such as free content. People love free. Give the people what they want!
    • This could be a downloadable checklist, tutorials, or an series of emails with valuable information.
    • Dig into the archives of WP the Podcast and listen to episode 7 for more potential email incentives ideas.
  5. Send Out Multiple Self Promoting Emails A Day 08:28
    • Nobody wants to read your endless stream of sales pitches. They will unsubscribe faster than you can say “newsletter”.

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