5 Tips for Planning for the New Year

  1. Review previous year numbers (look at previous growth) and forecast next year 00:53
    • You need to have a good understanding of what your previous year’s numbers are (milestones that you set, revenue, growth percentage, and more).
    • Put all of this information into a spreadsheet and then you can forecast for next year.
  2. Set & plan budget (marketing, advertising, software, etc) 02:01
    • Get all of your expenses together and make a budget for the next year.
    • This will help you decide how much you should budget for marketing expenses like Facebook or Google ads.
  3. Plan conferences, education/learning, networking opportunities 02:49
    • No matter how long you’ve working on your craft, you can always learn more.
    • Conferences are not only a great way to learn more about your field, but also a great way to network and make new connections.
    • By attending WordCamps, you can meet many other web designers with complementary skills.
    • You should also plan to take some courses throughout the year to build your skills in specific areas.
  4. Strategic partnerships/alliances 05:11
    • Think about your goals for the new year and what you want to achieve in 2018. Then think about some key people who you could create relationships or strategic partnerships with to help you get closer to those goals. 
    • Also, think about what you could offer in a partnership.
  5. Plan to Take Time Off 06:27
    • We all need to recharge our batteries. It’s important because we can’t keep going going going all the time.
      This wonderful thing called burnout is going to happen and you’re going to crash and burn. It’s just not going to be good for you, your family, or your clients.
    • Plan time to do some non-technology activities in the new year.

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