5 Social Media Management Tools to Help Run Your Business

  1. Hootsuite 01:34
    • This tool has been out for a very long time.
    • They have a free and a paid version.
    • It allows you to schedule posts on all the major social media platforms.
    • Hootsuite also has tools for monitoring different hashtags and analytics reporting.
  2. Buffer 02:32
    • Buffer has all the features above, but the killer feature here is that you can add posts to your Buffer queue and the software will intelligently space out the content and post at the best times.
    • This platform also has a free and a paid version.
  3. Meet Edgar 03:51
    • This platform does not have a free version. The paid version is $49 per month.
    • This tool is best for recycling content that you’ve already posted. It uses data to determine your best posts and then reposts for maximum reach.
    • What makes it so great is that it is capitalizing on the content that people are already liking.
  4. Sprout Social 04:43
    • This platform has scheduling tools such as the ones mentioned above.
    • Sprout Social does not have a free version. It is the most expensive at $99 per month per user.
    • This is a highly recommended social media  tool by many internet marketers out there, but probably not the best tool for just starting out.
  5. Facebook’s Built-in Tool 05:44
    • Facebook has many built-in features that let you schedule out your Facebook content.
    • It also gives you insights into your posts and your audience.
    • This is also a free tool to use.
    • It’s been known that Facebook gives less priority to posts from social media schedulers like the ones mentioned above.
    • Facebook gives priority to posts that are posted directly from Facebook.

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