5 Facebook Ad Tips for Any Business

  1. Use Videos01:32
  2. Promote Content or Freebies02:28
  3. Have an irrestistable offer (if you do promote a product)03:55
  4. Use the FB Pixel and Retarget04:37
  5. Test everything (especially audiences)06:00

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00:21 David Blackmon: Hey, everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:36 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:38 David Blackmon: Today, we’re gonna talk about five Facebook ad tips for any business. Recently, within the last couple of week, I don’t remember which episode it was, we talked about are Facebook ads still relevant in 2019. If you haven’t listened to that episode, go back and listen to it because obviously Tim and I said, “Absolutely, resounding, 100%, Facebook ads are still relevant and work really well in 2019.”

01:05 David Blackmon: So we wanted to give you five tips for any business that you can start doing with Facebook ads today. Tim’s gonna get us kicked off.

01:15 Tim Strifler: Yeah. Absolutely. I went back and looked. That was episode 482 where we talked about whether or not Facebook ads are still relevant in 2019. And obviously, as David mentioned, yes, they are. So here’s just kind a few different tips that you can take and apply if you’re doing Facebook ads.

01:32 Tim Strifler: The first one here is to use videos. Videos are very, very important. They continue to become more and more important on the internet as a whole but especially with social media. We have a link in the show notes to an article that has all these really cool stats about social media … or I’m sorry. About videos and how important they are. For example, 16% of videos … alright, what was the stat here? Oh, here we go. Forty-five percent of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. That is staggering. That’s a lot of time spent on social media watching videos. The bottom line is, if you have an ad, make it a video. People are obviously wanting to watch videos and so if you want people to pay attention to your ad, make it a video. It’s worth the extra time and money that it takes to create it. You’ll see the results in your ads.

02:28 David Blackmon: Second tip that we have for you is promote your content or promote freebies. If you do giveaways and stuff, it’s really, really awesome to promote that content through Facebook ads. Reason being is user acquisition is huge. It’s very important, and typically, these types of acquisitions are less expensive than conversion type kind of ads on Facebook, where you might be driving to try to get someone to make a purchase. These types of ads, where you’re promoting your blog content or you’re giving away a freebie, is simply just a user acquisition, and typically, those can cost less than going on … trying to get an ad to convert to collect money from the visitors. So try that. It’ll work great.

03:17 Tim Strifler: Yeah. And to piggyback off of that. It might sound sort of counterproductive to spend money promoting something that you won’t make money from. Right? You know free content or some sort of freebie. It’s like “Why would I spend money to give something away to people?” It comes down to, as David mentioned, user acquisition but also just branding. If you’re in a niche and you’re creating lots of valuable resources and people are seeing it and they’re getting their eyeballs on your content, on your freebies, over to your website, you’re having really good branding and they’re gonna remember you. You’re gonna become a well-known brand in that niche.

03:55 Tim Strifler: The next thing here, it segues nicely is have an irresistible offer. So if you do promote some sort of a product and you’re using video, make it a really good offer. You don’t wanna promote something that no one cares about. Think of how can you make whatever you’re promoting, whatever you’re offering irresistible. Make it so good that people don’t mind seeing a paid ad in their newsfeed to a premium product because it’s just really, really good. That’s kind of the obviously the a starting point for any good product. Make it really good an irresistible. If you’re gonna spend money promoting it on Facebook, make sure it’s really good so that it’ll standout in their newsfeed. It’s not the same old stuff that everyone else is promoting on Facebook.

04:37 David Blackmon: Absolutely. Next on our list is use the Facebook pixel and re-target. I know that sounds very simple and it might’ve been like step one, but if you don’t have the Facebook pixel on your website, you need to get in on there immediately, even if you’re not running Facebook ads. And the reason is is it’s not retroactive. You can’t get all of that data from users prior to you having the Facebook pixel on your website.

05:06 David Blackmon: What’s the value in doing that? The value in doing that is you can re-target these people for promotions or ads that you wanna run to try to sell to or get you to hire them. Give you an example. You may have been shopping for a new car, and you may have been on Honda’s website and you’re taking a look at the new Honda CRV and you’re loving it. All of a sudden, you go over to Facebook and all of a sudden you’ve got a ton of Honda CRV ads in your Facebook feed. Well, that is done by re-targeting. They’ve got a Facebook pixel on their website and they have an ad campaign running that’s re-targeting anyone who’s been to their website.

05:48 David Blackmon: It’s very powerful. It’s very useful, and it’s kind of amazing. Make sure that you’re using the Facebook pixel and re-target those visitors.

06:00 Tim Strifler: Absolutely. The last thing on our list, the last tip, Facebook ad tip for any business is test everything, especially audiences. So obviously you wanna be testing your ad copy. You wanna make sure you have a really good offer and testing different things like that, but probably the most important thing that you can experiment with is the audiences. Obviously, if you have … say you have a really good, awesome product for dog lovers. It’s a really cool dog toy, and dog lovers just are crazy about it. If you try to promote that to someone that doesn’t have a dog, it doesn’t matter how great the dog toy is or whatever product it is, it’s not gonna sell. No one’s gonna buy it because it’s not the right target audience. Obviously, that’s a very generic, simple example.

06:47 Tim Strifler: With Facebook audiences, you can drill down and you can do different look-a-like audiences and you can add in different interests and kind of cross promote and add in several different things in there to make it more complex. You can really spend a lot of time experimenting, but it’s worth it.

07:06 Tim Strifler: Test everything. Have multiple different audiences in place. Just kind of experiment. See what works and kill the audiences that aren’t working.

07:20 David Blackmon: Last but not least, that we’ve done our five Facebook ad tips for any business, we definitely think you need to try all of those out. I wanna throw a little shameless plug for our Facebook ads course that’s coming out. If Facebook ads is confusing for you and you’re not really sure whether or not you can do it for your business, I’m telling you, you can. We do have a Facebook ads course coming out here soon. I also wanna direct you to a free 15 minute webinar that will help you get it started.

07:53 David Blackmon: Head on over to WP Gears. You’ll see the promo button for the landing page to allow you to sign up for the free 15 minute webinar. What’s the title of that webinar, Tim? Do you know off the top of your head? I probably should’ve been more prepared than this but … How to Make a Billion Dollars with Facebook Ads. Is that what the title of it is?

08:13 Tim Strifler: That’s it. Absolutely.

08:16 David Blackmon: I don’t remember what the title is, but head on over to the website and you’ll see it. It’s a 15 minute webinar. The Three Steps to Help You Get Started with Facebook ads or something like that, I think is what it is.

08:29 David Blackmon: Tomorrow, we’ve got another great topic for you. Should you use Pinterest for your web design business?

08:34 David Blackmon: Tim, until tomorrow. We’ll see you then.

08:37 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye bye.

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