5 Current Web Design Trends You Should Use Sparingly

  1. Animations 01:05
    • Animations in the last year have become really awesome.
    • Our other podcast DiviChat uses animations in a cool, but subtle way.
    • The problem with animations is when they go overboard. For example, say you are looking at a web page and you see one animation. Then, suddenly you scroll down the page and animations start flying at you all over the place.
  2. Parallax 02:08
    • Parallax got really big a few years back and it is a really cool feature, but you have to use it sparingly.
    • If you are just building a standard website, you probably don’t need this feature.
    • However, if you are telling a story with the website, then you can have fun with it.
  3. Hover effects 03:32
    • Just because you can use 50 million hover effects, doesn’t mean that you should. It just gets distracting.
    • The more effects and features you add to your website, the lower your conversion will be. You want to always keep the customer journey in mind.
  4. Shadows 04:12
    • Shadows have been around for awhile and are now coming back into style.
    • As with the other web design trends, use them in moderation. You don’t need a shadow effect on everything.
    • If you are going to add in shadows, use a soft shadow vs a hard shadow. When done correctly, shadows can look very tasteful.
  5. Section dividers 05:05
    • Many websites are using various forms of section dividers, from squiggly lines to animations.
    • These can look very nice when used purposely. Again, use moderation as to not overdo it.

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