5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

It’s Day 3 of Internet Marketing Week at WP the Podcast and we have our good friend Corey Hammond with us to chat about email marketing. Corey is the Chief Marketing Officer for A2 Hosting and an all around wealth of knowledge about internet marketing.

  1. List Building 02:23
    • First, you have to be aware the building an email list is important. Many people build a great website, but completely forget to offer an email sign-up.
    • To get started, you can sign up for an email service and ad an opt-in on your website.
    • Tim highly recommends his plugin Divi Overlays to make your email sign-up stand out.
    • Start looking for other opportunities to grow your email list. Add a lead magnet like a checklist or other downloadable piece of content.
  2. Creating 06:49
    • The next email marketing mistake that people make is that they build an email list, but then never send out any emails.
    • After you create your lead magnet, you’ll want to think about setting up different workflows in your email provider.
    • You can segment your audience and create content for each segment. You can send one email to people who have only  downloaded your lead magnet and another to customers who have already made a purchase from you.
  3. Deliverability 11:55
    • Another mistake that people make with email marketing is that they don’t check to see that the emails are actually being delivered.
    • Are people opening your emails? Are they clicking through to your content or offer? These are factors that you should be monitoring after you send an email.
  4. List Hygiene 12:57
    • The next mistake is that many people don’t clean up their email lists.
    • Some emails may be fake or outdated. These will bounce and hurt your email metrics.
    • You might even want to set up some rules where people who haven’t opened X amount of emails will go into an archived folder.
    • It costs money to send emails. Prune your list, so you’re not paying for people who aren’t reading your emails.
  5. Analytics 15:38
    • Finally, many people fail to monitor their analytics. These are powerful metrics that can help you improve your email performance.
    • The first metric to watch is how many email subscribers you are getting, and at what rate they are signing up.
    • Then, how many receive the emails, how many open the emails, and how many click and engage with the emails.
    • The most important metric to your success is how much revenue your emails are driving. Not all emails will be sales focused, but your email campaigns overall should be driving revenue for your business.

We hope you enjoyed this episode about email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them! For more info about building an email list (or how to NOT build an email list), check out episode 142.

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