3 Major Ways Page Builders Will Speed Up Workflow for Professionals

Page Builders (such as Divi) have changed the way websites are created, especially in WordPress. Page Builders give you access to dozens of incredible modules, that are essentially building blocks for crafting your website. These modules (and the sections and rows they are contained in) allow you easily to drag and drop content on the page to VISUALLY design your website.

Plus, all major page builder have 3rd party product ecosystems for adding even more functionality to your website. For example, Tim has a plugin that includes dozens of additional Divi Modules to the builder to give Divi even more power.

For example, the Divi Carousel Module allows the user to create gorgeous carousels for blog posts, testimonials, and so much more. Or, the Divi Flip Box module add incredible flip card functionality to Divi.

Additionally, David and his team have created Testify, which is a full blown testimonial engine for the Divi page builder. There are lots of examples just like this in other page builder markets too.

These are just a few examples of why page builders have become the leading way of creating websites today. Now that we all agree that page builders are awesome, let’s take a look at a few ways page builders can speed up our workflow when creating websites.

  1. Total design control 01:28
    • No more needing to edit the php template.
    • With page builders, you have full editing and design control.
  2. Use of layouts 02:16
    • Layouts allow you to reuse previous design sections.
    • For example, if you create a super awesome contact page, you can recreate this easily over and over for your other websites. This will help you really speed up your workflow.
  3. Use of global sections or modules 03:30
    • This means that you can make changes in one global module and that change will apply across the whole site.
    • For example, you can create a call to action across the top of the whole website. By using a global section, any updates to the section will change across the whole site.

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