Your Clients Don’t Want a Pretty Website, They Want This Instead

  1. Money!00:38
  2. They want grow their business and get results 01:08
  3. Help to understand how Google, Bings and all of the search engines works.02:46

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of WP the Podccast, brought to you by WP Gears. I’m David Blackmon.

00:36 Tim Strifler: And I’m Tim Strifler.

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about what your clients want most. They don’t want a pretty website, they want this instead. Drum roll please, Tim. Money, money, money, money. Money.

00:53 Tim Strifler: Nice. Nice, nice. Is it my turn?

00:59 David Blackmon: Go ahead, Tim. It’s your turn. Go ahead. I’m going to throw it over to my good friend Tim and let him say the magic word.

01:04 Tim Strifler: No, that was good. That caught me off guard and that was funny.

01:08 Tim Strifler: They want results, that’s the bottom line. They might think that they want a website, you might think that they want a website, but really they want to grow their business, get results. Obviously, every business is different so it’s going to depend on the type of business and what they’re doing to determine what those results are. Whether it’s leads, more people calling in, phone calls. It’s more sales on the site if they’re an online business. More people walking in the door if they’re a retail store. But that’s what they want.

01:39 Tim Strifler: So, they think that they just need you to build a website. But they need you to do more. So that’s basically what David and I teach, a big part of what we teach in the Divi Business Expert Course. That it’s a lot more than just building a website. Building a website doesn’t grow businesses. That’s a small part.

01:58 David Blackmon: Yeah. I couldn’t agree more. I’m going to say a few things, and I’m going to encourage our listeners, especially if you’re developing websites for clients. Which I imagine quite a few of our listeners are developing websites for clients. It’s what they do either as a full-time job, or a side hustle. I think what was a game changer for me to really help me understand the value of a website beyond just contact information and a way for potential customers to fine was when I productized. Whenever we started selling products online I had to learn how to get people to my site and the importance of what it would take to get people to buy my stuff.

02:46 David Blackmon: I know that you’re selling your services. Productizing is a different thing. It can take your service business to the next level, and help you understand, truly, how Google works, Bing works, all of the search engines, user experience. By you selling your own products I would highly encourage web developers to productize in some shape, form or fashion. Just to get the experience. Because, now when I work with a client, when we work with clients, it’s experience. “Hey, we’ve built a very successful online business. These are the practices that we’ve done. It included content marketing, paid marketing, social.” All of those things that you may be offering your clients as a service, it’s a game changer when you truly know what affects what because you’re doing it for yourself and stuff.

03:48 David Blackmon: That can flow over into your clients. I’ll tell you, it’ll help you close more sales. You better believe it. Because when you’re coming through with the confidence because you know that it works, because you’ve sold your own stuff and you have tangible proof to show customers they don’t want to work with anyone else.

04:06 David Blackmon: So, sorry Tim. Went down my little rabbit hole there.

04:10 Tim Strifler: No, that was great. That actually flows nicely into what I wanted to say next, which is standing out from the competitors. As David mentioned, it’s going to help you close deals by positioning yourself as an expert that’s not just going to build them a great looking website, but a great looking website that’s designed to convert and be able to assist them with the other services to get them traffic to actually help them grow their business. They’re going to look at you and they’re going to look at the other competitor that sent in a proposal for a pretty website and they’re going to be like, “Hands down this is the right option. Because he knows what I need.”

04:41 Tim Strifler: If you think that your client, your potential client is looking at you and you alone you are definitely mistaken. More often than not they’re looking at several different other professionals. Going to be comparing the quotes, and not necessarily … I would say probably more often then not, not going with the cheaper option. You think that the cheaper option wins, and the not true. It’s the option that’s going to get them where they need to go. If you help them figure out where they need to go and show them how you’re going to get there you’ll win the sale every time.

05:13 David Blackmon: Absolutely. I’ll tell you right now majority of the time we are not the lowest bid, we’re not even the middle bid. A lot of the time we’re the highest bid, and we still get the clients and stuff. It’s because of the experience that we have, and the ability to show them, “Hey, look. This really works. This is what we did. Let me show you how we can do this for your business too.” I’ll tell you, it’s a game changer.

05:36 David Blackmon: So, there you go. The secret’s out. Clients want, as Tim says, results. As I say, money, money, money, money. Money. Sorry for my terrible singing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of WP the Podcast. Tomorrow we’ve got another great episode. How to install the Facebook pixel on Word Press.

06:01 David Blackmon: Tim, until tomorrow, we’ll see you then.

06:04 Tim Strifler: Take care. Bye-bye.

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  1. Lou

    Hey guys… I’ve listened to your podcast a couple of times, yet I don’t get exactly “what” is what my client wants in a website?

    • Tim Strifler

      Hi Lou, What clients want are RESULTS. So for every client that’s different. Results may be leads, sales, etc. So if you take the consultative approach to your selling, then you shouldn’t just recommend they get a pretty website from you. You should help them get a website that is designed to convert and designed to accomplish their goals. Additionally, if you want to truly help them succeed then you’ll need to help them get traffic to your website too. That can consist of a content marketing strategy, Facebook Ads (highly recommend), Google Ads, or something else. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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