Why WordPress is Better Than Squarespace

  1. You own your content 01:23
    • You can move it and do whatever you want with it at any time.
    • With Squarespace, you are essentially renting space on the platform and can’t move the content.
  2. You can migrate your website 01:55
    • With WordPress, it’s super easy to migrate your website to another platform (not that you’ll want to because WordPress is the best!).
    • When you design a website on Squarespace, you’re locked into that design. If you want to move to another platform (or even a different template), you have to start completely over. You’ll be stuck paying your monthly subscription fee forever… or at least until you eventually build a new website.
  3. You have more choices 02:44
    • WordPress has so many plugins, themes, and integrations that you can use to customize your site.
    • Squarespace can build a beautiful website, but you’ll always come up against limitations with design and integrations. It’s just the way that the platform is built.
    • Also, it is very easy to find a WordPress developer who can help you with your website. Squarespace developers are harder to come by and have limited ability to customize the platform.

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