Where to Find Contractors to Outsource Work

  1. Upwork (previously oDesk) 01:09
    • Find contractors from all over the world. You can see their past work, reviews, success rate, how many projects they’ve completed, etc.
  2. Social Media (Facebook Groups) 02:35
    • David & Tim have both found employees through a Facebook Group
    • There’s theme specific Facebook Groups where you can find experts on a specific theme.
    • David met his business partner through a Facebook group, and David & Tim met there as well.
  3. Fiveer 04:58
    • Cheap and quick. Great for simple things like logos.
    • Very templated. It’s what allows people to do it so cheap.
  4. Jobs.WordPress.net 06:40
  5. 99Designs.com 07:00
    • Host a design contest, and designers from all over the world with submit designs, and you only pay for the one you choose.
    • Great for logos
  6. Top Talent 07:25
    • Only the best talent. Not cheap, but you’re getting very experienced contractors.
  7. WPMUdev Job Board 08:20

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