When to Transition from Side Hustle to Full Time Freelancer | EP 2

September 16, 2017

When to Transition from Side Hustle to Full Time Freelancer?

  1. There’s no right answer, do what’s best for you 00:54
  2. Option One: Diving in head first before building a client base: 00:48
    • pros: you can fully focus on your business without the distraction of a full time job.
    • risky! no cashflow right away
  3. Option Two: build a side hustle before going full time 02:35
    • pros: Less risky
    • cons: it can be difficult to focus on building a business with another full time job
    • so then when do you go full time?
      • when you’ve completed replaced your salary, when you’re at capacity but have projects on the horizon
      • again, no right answer. do what is right for you and your situation

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