Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:35 Today’s Topic: David & Tim’s 7 Favorite WP Tools
01:03 Tool #1: Divi Theme
01:25 David shares about Divi, & his favorite features
02:05 Tim shares his favorite features of Divi
02:54 Tool #2: Desktopserver
03:50 Tim states he starts every website with DesktopServer
04:00 Tool #3: Caldera Forms
04:24 Free version of Caldera includes conditional logic
04:45 Tool #4: Gravity Forms
05:13 Gravity includes lots of features for creating complex forms
05:50 Tool #5: Child Theme Generator from Divi.Space
06:36 Child Themes allow you to edit code on the theme without losing changes when the theme updates
07:55 Tool #6: WP Engine Hosting
08:25 Tool #7: A2 Hosting
08:52 Closing/Outro

Here’s David and Tim’s 7 Favorite WordPress Tools

  1. Tool 1: Divi Theme
  2. Tool 2: DesktopServer
  3. Tool 3: Caldera Forms
  4. Tool 4: Gravity Forms
  5. Tool 5: Child Theme Generator from Divi.Space
  6. Tool 6: WP Engine Hosting
  7. Tool 7: A2 Hosting

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