Why You Should Be Using A Transactional Email Service

  1. Reason #1: Deliverability 01:41
    • Your web server isn’t optimized to send email, so sometimes it just won’t.
    • WordPress can send out these emails, such as password resets, but the deliverability is not great.
    • As you have more and more visitors or customers on your website, the likelihood that emails will not be delivered from your web server increases.
  2. Reason #2: Bandwidth 03:30
    • If your hosting is charging for bandwidth, you don’t want to use it up on emails.
  3. Reason #3: Records 04:17
    • A transactional email service will have a record of all emails sent.
    • You can see if the email was successfully delivered and whether it was opened or not. You also have the ability to send the email again.
    • You’ll also be able to see overall reporting, etc.
  4. Reason # 4: Multiple IP addresses 05:49
    • A transactional email service will use different servers and IP addresses, so you don’t have to worry about your one email getting blacklisted.

Recommended transactional email services: Mandrill, SendGrid, and Mailgun

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